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Thank you, Chaplains!

Clergy and Chaplain Awareness Month

Our chaplains provide exceptional spiritual support to our patients and staff. Chaplains are a vital member of our interdisciplinary team, and especially during Clergy and Chaplain Awareness Month, we would like to take the time to express our gratitude for the work they do every day.

The Role of Hospice Chaplains

Our chaplains work hard to meet our patients and their loved ones where they are, and they work diligently to address their spiritual concerns. While providing ministry, our chaplains also help soothe spiritual fears, assist patients and their loved ones with difficult spiritual questions, and ensure the proper supports are in place to make any transition of life easier. Our chaplains also aid in planning end-of-life care services, mediating conflicts, offering counsel and more.

Our chaplains serve a diverse community of people and go above and beyond in their efforts to advocate for each patient. Chaplains ensure spiritual needs are being addressed and recognized in their ongoing care. Our chaplains respect all spiritual beliefs and do their best to address any needs or concerns each person may bring forth.

praying hands

Our chaplains are a great force of strength and it’s admirable how they continue to hold space for every individual they encounter on the job.

To our chaplains –

We thank you for always responding with compassion and providing exceptional service to our patients, their loved ones, and to the staff of the facilities we serve. We thank you for your determination to show up for others to help provide comfort and ease worried minds. We thank you for being a wonderful source of wisdom and incredible demonstration of strength. We thank you for holding space for the grief of our patients, staff, and their loved ones. Thank you for your counsel, your kindness, and for the respect you show each individual you encounter on the job.

You are valued, appreciated, and celebrated!

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